Change Assistant and Update Manager

Update Manager is a lifecycle management process that is used with the PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA application, which runs on the PeopleSoft Image database. There is one PeopleSoft Image per product family (database instance) and they will be released periodically according to the image schedule posted on the PeopleSoft Update Manager Home Page. The PeopleSoft Image is the master source environment from which you will pull the updated objects, create an update change package, and apply updates to your environment. The PeopleSoft Image for your application is cumulative so you will download the most current PeopleSoft Image and get all of the updates that you need. The PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA Application and the PeopleSoft Image work together; the PeopleSoft Image contains the updates and the PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA Application is the searching tool and custom change package definition generator.

PeopleSoft Change Assistant orchestrates the entire process flow to apply updates and upgrades to your PeopleSoft applications. Each PeopleSoft Update Image DPK for your application includes the entire PeopleSoft environment including a tools client directory that has the corresponding version of Change Assistant. Change Assistant supports Update Manager tasks, as well as traditional updates for non-PUM enabled applications. The Update Manager action in Change Assistant includes Update Manager tasks such as defining, creating and applying change packages. Application Upgrade tasks include upgrading to a new application release and applying updates required for upgrade. PeopleTools tasks include applying a PeopleTools patch, upgrading to a new release of PeopleTools and applying tools delta package. Other tasks include exporting and importing Change Assistant settings.