Component Interfaces

Component interfaces provide a way to access the PeopleSoft database without using a graphical user interface. A component interface encapsulates a PeopleSoft component, which is a logical grouping of PeopleSoft pages representing a complete business transaction. You create component interfaces using PeopleSoft Application Designer.

A PeopleSoft component provides all of the business rules, through PeopleCode and edits, for interacting with the PeopleSoft database. Components are based on pages and are presented to the user to view and update with a browser. The component interface takes this same functionality and exposes it to third-party systems without using a graphical user interface.

Component interfaces:

  • Enforce all of the business rules defined on the component.

  • Provide synchronous access to the PeopleSoft database.

  • Provide access to PeopleSoft components through APIs.

Component interfaces expose the rich functionality delivered in the hundreds of components within PeopleSoft products. A component is an atomic transaction that implements a business process or function. A component interface provides real-time synchronous access to the PeopleSoft business rules and data associated with a business component.

The interface is exposed via standard access methods: Java, and C/C++. Component interfaces encapsulate PeopleSoft data and business processes, and they hide the details of the structure and implementation of the underlying page and data. The actual interface consists of a set of clearly defined properties and methods that follow an object-oriented programming model. External applications can access component data only by using the properties or methods specified in the component interface.