Integration Testing Tools

PeopleSoft provides these tools for testing your integration development:

  • Send Master Utility.

  • Simple Post Utility.

  • Automated integration point testing.

  • Transformation Test Utility.

  • Handler Tester.

  • Schema Tester.

The Send Master utility enables you to test PeopleSoft Integration Broker messaging interactions with PeopleSoft and third-party web servers, application servers, and integration gateways. It can test listening connector functionality, target connector functionality, connector introspection and transactions. Send Master enables you to post any data format, including the PeopleSoft Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) message format, to web and application servers over HTTP and HTTPS. You can also use Send Master to simultaneously test groups of different types of messages, as well as stress test your system.

The Simple Post utility enables you to use shell scripts or a Java API to post XML messages from third-party systems to the integration gateway. The utility wraps the incoming messages in the PeopleSoft XML wrapper format and posts them to the HTTP listening connector. The Simple Post utility reads ASCII, UTF-8 and UTF-16 file formats for incoming messages and converts them to UTF-8 to send to the integration gateway.

PeopleSoft provides a means for automated integration point testing. You can perform automated integration point testing as a means to unit test, perform cross-application business process testing, or regression test integration points. Automated integration point testing is suitable for testing integration points between PeopleSoft systems, PeopleSoft systems and third-party systems, and PeopleSoft systems and open interfaces. You can use automated integration point testing with the following PeopleSoft integration technologies:

  • Messaging, including asynchronous and synchronous publishing and subscribing.

  • Component interfaces.

  • Flat files.

  • Staging tables.

PeopleSoft Integration Broker provides the Transformation Test utility, which you can use to test Application Engine transform programs without sending messages, and with minimal development effort.

The Handler Tester allows you to test handlers defined for rowset-based and nonrowset-based service operations from within the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture. You can test handlers without setting up a routing, without having pub/sub booted on your application server, and without impacting other developer activity on the system.

The Schema Tester Utility enables you to validate rowset-based and nonrowset-based messages against message schemas during development to determine if messages adhere to defined message schemas.