PS/nVision is a sophisticated tool for creating business reports in Microsoft Excel. Working within Microsoft Excel, you create a report layout that defines both the data to retrieve and the format of the report. Using PS/nVision, you can create report layouts that summarize information from your PeopleSoft database and use the drill down feature to expose the supporting details. You can share report layouts across multiple business units and time periods, creating reports that "roll" from unit to unit or period to period without changing the data-retrieval criteria.

PS/nVision works within spreadsheets. You access PS/nVision features from a special PS/nVision menu within Microsoft Excel to create templates (layouts) for data retrieval. Once you create a report layout (XNV file), you can use it to automatically format data. PS/nVision selects data from your PeopleSoft database using ledgers, trees, and queries.

PS/nVision enables you to extend the rich querying features that PeopleSoft Query offers. For example:

  • With PeopleSoft Query you can generate tabular reports without formatting, and with PS/nVision you can deliver well formatted, easy-to-read reports.

  • PS/nVision enables you to produce matrix reports in which you can use multiple ledgers or queries to define the reports.

  • PS/nVision provides dynamic features, such as bursting and nPlosion, unavailable in static query results.

  • PS/nVision offers built-in logic to detect detailed ledger metadata in multiple financial environments.