PeopleCode is the PeopleSoft proprietary integrated programming language that touches virtually every aspect of PeopleSoft applications. PeopleCode is a powerful programming language, enabling you to include object-oriented business logic to your application as well as modify interface display based on application context.

PeopleCode enables you to create programs using structured and object-oriented techniques. PeopleSoft delivers numerous PeopleCode functions, classes, methods, and properties.

For example, with PeopleCode you can:

  • Control presentation of information to the user and validate user inputs.

  • Implement complex business logic that cannot be defined with metadata.

  • Perform calculations and data manipulation.

  • Maintain data integrity.

  • Update database tables.

  • Manage portal navigation and administer security.

  • Integrate with other PeopleSoft applications and with third-party applications.

  • Manage workflow.

PeopleCode is used in:

  • The component processor flow: on components, pages, record fields, and menus.

  • PeopleSoft Application Engine programs.

  • Integration (through component interfaces and PeopleSoft Integration Broker).

  • Workflow.

  • Signon security.