PeopleTools Development Environment

While many development and administrative tools and interfaces are accessible by browser, some tools are only available from a Windows-based workstation. The PeopleTools Development Environment refers to the Microsoft Windows workstations that run the collection of Windows-based PeopleTools, which enables application developers, technical specialists, and system administrators to perform a variety of tasks.

For example, application developers use PeopleSoft Application Designer in the development environment to create and modify application definitions such as fields, records, pages, and components. System administrators use PeopleSoft Data Mover in the development environment to import data into the database, for example.

The PeopleTools Development Environment can access the system using these connection types:

Connection Type



Involves connecting directly to the database. A two-tier connection requires connectivity software per the RDBMS to be installed and configured on the workstation. A two-tier connection is required for many upgrade and installation tasks.


Involves connecting to the database through the application server. A three-tier connection requires no connectivity software to be installed on the workstation. In a three-tier connection, the application server maintains the connection to the database for transmitting SQL statements between the application server and the database. Only lightweight Tuxedo messages are sent between the workstation and the application server.