Pivot Grid

PeopleSoft Pivot Grid supports operational dashboard reporting within the PeopleTools framework to provide a pivot table and chart representation of data using PSQuery data source. The framework also enables users to see different views of the data as in an Microsoft Excel pivot table, and the same data is also available in a chart view.

Using Pivot Grid, users can view consolidated data. Pivot Grid provides the following features:

  • Presents data in different visualizations for example, chart only, grid only, grid and chart only.

  • Enables you to use actions like dragging and filtering to display multi-dimensional data.

  • Enables administrators to create pivot grid models using the wizard with query, composite query, or the component as a data source.

  • Provides options to attach the model to a homepage, NavBar, and fluid dashboards.

  • Provides easy configuration with the PeopleSoft Related Action Framework.

Pivot grid models uses Personal Analytic Notifications for thresholds. If threshold boundaries are exceeded, the system sends you a notification.

Simplified Analytics

Simplified Analytics enables end users of a fluid application page to create contextual analytic reports. They can create their own reports based on the pre-defined templates by selecting the fields, filling the prompt fields, defining the layout, and selecting different types of visualizations.