Search Technology

PeopleSoft Search Technology consists of these features:

  • PeopleSoft Search Framework.

  • PeopleSoft Search.

The PeopleSoft Search Framework enables application developers and implementation teams, to create search artifacts in a declarative manner, using PeopleSoft Query and Connected Query and to deploy and maintain searchable objects, using one standard interface, regardless of PeopleSoft application. The PeopleSoft Search Framework consists of PeopleSoft components (pages and records provided by PeopleTools), which provide a centralized interface for configuring PeopleSoft integration with the search engine, creating search definitions, search categories, and building and maintaining search indexes.

Once the PeopleSoft Search Framework is configured, you can enable these PeopleSoft Search features for your end users:

  • Global search.

  • Search pages.

These end user search options enable users of the system to execute searches on application data similar to running a Google search on the internet. Users access the pages for viewing and updating application data by clicking on search results rather than needing to remember navigation to various pages in a business process.

With Global Search enabled, a Global Search icon is provided in the header of the PeopleSoft application, which displays the Global Search bar. The Global Search bar provides a drop-down list for selecting a specific search category against which to run a search. The results enable the end user to navigate to the appropriate record or transaction simply by clicking a link.

If you’ve enabled the Search Pages features, a Keyword Search tab appears amongst the search pages the end user encounters when navigating into a component. The Keyword Search page enables users to execute a deeper, more free-form search to access application data than the traditional "Find an Existing Value" tab. The traditional "Find an Existing Value" tab is limited to level 0 data (high-level keys), where the Keyword Search tab lets the users enter custom keywords and the system will search indexed data from level 0-3, regardless of strict key assignments.

In fluid user interface, keyword search and master-detail search are available, which can be configured as tiles to launch search in a component. While keyword search is against a search engine index, the master-detail search is configured in Pivot Grid.