Security Administration

The PeopleSoft security approach is tailored for the internet. As you implement PeopleSoft, you need a robust and scalable means by which you can grant authorization to users efficiently. When you deploy your applications to the internet, the number of potential users of your system increases exponentially. Suddenly, you have customers, vendors, suppliers, employees, and prospects all using the same system.

Just as PeopleTools provides the foundation for PeopleSoft applications, PeopleTools security provides the foundation for PeopleSoft security and for managing the user life cycle within the application.

You can apply security to all users, including employees, managers, customers, contractors, and suppliers. You group your users according to roles to give them different degrees of access. For instance, there might be an Employee role, a Manager role, and an Administrator role. PeopleTools security enables you to manage the role-based system, including directory group import capabilities, to leverage your Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory facilities.

Users who belong to a particular role require a specific set of permissions, or authorizations, within your system so that they can complete their daily tasks. Because of the increase in users due to the internet deployment, PeopleTools security enables you to perform numerous maintenance tasks programmatically, which enables your system administrators to focus on other tasks. PeopleTools security also delivers robust encryption methods to provide additional custom data protection.

PeopleTools security also provides the capability for easily integrating enterprise user management and access applications like Oracle Access Manager and Oracle Identity Manager.

Additionally PeopleTools security implements the WS-Security framework to protect web services-based integrations.