Supported Integration Tools

PeopleSoft supports these additional integration utilities:

  • EDI Manager.

  • Outgoing Forms API.

  • Open Query ODBC Driver and API.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a standard means of exchanging data between companies so they can transact business electronically. For example, using EDI a company can submit an order to a vendor, and the vendor can acknowledge and fulfill the order without any paper changing hands or any contact between company representatives.

With PeopleSoft Application Designer, you can implement routings, which transfer data from one step in a business process to another. One type of routings is a forms routing. With a forms routing, the system takes data from a PeopleSoft page the user is working on, enters it onto a third-party form, and mails the completed form to designated users by means of the forms product's mail capabilities.

The PeopleSoft Open Query ODBC driver and API allow third-party reporting tools or applications to access PeopleSoft data in conformance with the PeopleSoft Query access architecture (the embedded SQL access intelligence provided by PeopleSoft Query).