Banner Class

Use the PT_PAGE_UTILS:Banner class to control items in the fluid banner including the title as well as visibility of some of the items that appear in the Actions list.

The PeopleTools-delivered fluid header page (PT_HEADERPAGE) performs operations equivalent to the methods of the PT_PAGE_UTILS:Banner class. Therefore, use the PT_PAGE_UTILS:Banner class in Standard Page type pages only in page Activate (or later events) to avoid having your changes overwritten. In addition to page Activate events, certain methods such as confirmation messages could be associated with a user action such as a FieldChange event, for example.

Many methods of this class are ignored and have no effect if the component is rendered in a context that does not allow access to the fluid banner and Actions list such as:

  • In an activity guide.

  • In a modal window or in a modeless window.

  • When executing as a grouplet request.

  • When executing as a component interface.