Understanding Query Classes

You create queries using PeopleSoft Query Manager to extract the data you need from the PeopleSoft database. You can use the query classes in PeopleCode to create a new query, or to modify or delete an existing query. You can also use methods in the Query class to execute the query and have the result set returned as either a rowset or have it format and write the result set to a file. You can also use the query classes to create a SQL statement to be used with the SQL object. In fact, the query classes expose all of the attributes and methods needed by the PeopleSoft Query Manager and Query Viewer applications.

Creating or deleting a query object does not create or delete query information. You must call the appropriate method for that query object directly to create or delete database information, that is, the Create or Delete method.

All of the classes, and most of the properties and methods that make up the query classes, have a GUI representation in PeopleSoft Query Manager. This document assumes that the reader has working knowledge of PeopleSoft Query Manager.

There aren’t any external built-in functions for the query classes: objects are instantiated from other objects or from a session object.