Understanding Row Class

A row object, instantiated from the Row class, is a single row of data that consists of one to n records of data. A single row in a component scroll is a row.

A row object is always associated with a rowset object, that is, you cannot instantiate a row object without first either explicitly or implicitly instantiating a rowset object.

A row may have one to n child rowsets. For example, a row in a level two scroll may have n level three child rowsets.

CopyTo and GetRecord are two commonly use methods for this class. Visible and IsChanged are two commonly used properties for this class.

The row class is one of the data buffer access classes.

If a rowset object is instantiated using the CreateRowset function, the rowset object that’s instantiated is a standalone rowset. Delete and insert activity on these types of rowsets aren't automatically applied at save time. Use standalone rowsets for work records.