Understanding the PSEvent Class

The PSEvent class provides all of the methods for publishing and subscribing to notifications from the Push Notification Framework. This framework updates the user with real-time changes, known as events, that have occurred on the application server tier. The framework enables PeopleSoft applications to push data directly to the user’s display.

Methods of the PSEvent class are used for publishing, subscribing to, and unsubscribing from notifications:

  • Publishing a notification — Setxxx methods, Publish method.

  • Subscribing to a notification:

    • Subscription — Subscribe method.

    • Callback method — Getxxx methods.

  • Unsubscribing to a notification — Unsubscribe method.

You must use the CreateObject built-in function to instantiate an object of the PSEvent class:

Local object &EventObject;
&EventObject = CreateObject("PSEvent");