Understanding the PSSpreadsheet Class

The PSSpreadsheet class provides methods to facilitate interaction with Excel workbook files and spreadsheets. The PSSpreadsheet class enables PeopleSoft applications to read, update, and write Excel files. However, the PSSpreadsheet class does not read the row or column level data.

The following methods of the PSSpreadsheet class are used for interacting with Excel workbook files and spreadsheets:

  • Workbook operations: Open, Save, SaveAs, GetFileContent methods to operate on the Excel workbook file.

  • Sheet operations — CreateSheet, SetActiveSheetName, and SetSheetActivate methods.

  • Cell operations: Six SetCellxxx methods to set the value and format of a cell.

  • Row and column operations — InsertColumns, InsertRows, RangeColOutline, RangeRowOutline, and SetColumnWidth methods.

  • Rowset operations —SetRowSetData method read data from a rowset object.

You must use the CreateObject built-in function to instantiate an object of the PSSpreadsheet class:

Local object &ssObject;
&ssObject = CreateObject("PSSpreadsheet");