Understanding the Related Content Framework Classes

The PeopleCode API for the related content framework consists of the following application packages and classes:


    • RCServiceDefinition class

      Use the PTCS_SRVDEFN:RCServiceDefinition class to manage related content service definitions.

    • RCParameter class

      Use the PTCS_SRVDEFN:RCParameter class to manage URL parameters associated with related content service definitions.


    Use the PTCS_SERVICE:RCService application class to manage all related content service configurations (PTCS_SRVCONFIG:RCServiceConfig) for a given component or pivot grid.


    • RCServiceConfig class

      Use the PTCS_SRVCONFIG:RCServiceConfig class to manage service configurations for related content for classic components and fluid components; for related actions for classic components, fluid components, and pivot grids; and for mapping custom PeopleCode application classes to component events.

      Note: The RCServiceConfig class does not support managing related action configurations for MAP layouts.

    • RCMapFields class

      Use the PTCS_SRVCONFIG:RCMapFields class to map page contextual fields to the URL parameters of the service definition.


    • RCMenuLayout class

      Use the PTCS_MENULAYOUT:RCMenuLayout class to manage menu layouts for related content and related actions.

    • RCMenuFolder class

      Use the PTCS_MENULAYOUT:RCMenuFolder class to manage menu folders for related content and related actions.

    • RCMenuLink class

      Use the PTCS_MENULAYOUT:RCMenuLink class to manage the menu links for related content and related actions.