Understanding the Analytic Calculation Engine Classes

PeopleSoft Analytic Calculation Engine comprises a calculation engine plus several PeopleTools features which enable application developers to define both the calculation rules and the display of calculated data within PeopleSoft applications for the purposes of multi-dimensional reporting, data editing, and analysis.

More specifically, developers create analytic models in order to define the rules which are used to calculate data. Developers also create PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture pages with analytic grids in order to display the data within PeopleSoft applications. End users view, analyze, and make changes to this data. When end users save their changes, PeopleSoft Analytic Calculation Engine recalculates the data and saves the calculated data to the database.

PeopleCode enables developers to manipulate analytic calculation data as follows:

  • Use the Analytic Calculation Engine classes to either retrieve or specify data in an instance of an analytic model loaded into the system, and also to calculate (or recalculate) cube values.

  • Use the Analytic Calculation Engine metadata classes to manipulate an analytic model definition. For example, you can add cubes to a cube collection or rename an existing user function for a model.

  • Use the Analytic Grid classes to manipulate the display of analytic calculation data on a page.

  • Use the Analytic Type classes to manipulate an analytic type definition. For example, you can specify a new analytic model for an analytic type definition.

Important! The analytic grid classes are not supported on IBM z/OS and Linux for IBM System z platforms.