Understanding the Connected Query Classes

Connected query is a PeopleTools managed object that supports typical managed object functionality such as:

  • Creating a new object.

  • Editing an existing object.

  • Deleting an object.

  • Copying an object.

  • Renaming an object.1

  • Caching an object.

  • Adding an object to a project.

  • Using project compare functionality.

  • Copying to or restoring from a file.

  • Upgrading to the database.

1 Renaming a connected query object is supported on a managed object level, but is not exposed as a function in PeopleCode.

A connected query object is exposed to the report developer through the public methods and properties of the PT_CONQRS application package. The remainder of this chapter provides reference on those classes, methods, and properties.

Connected queries are described in more detail in the PeopleSoft Query PeopleBook.