Utils Class

Use the PT_PAGE_UTILS:Utils class in component PostBuild, page Activate, or later events.

The PT_PAGE_UTILS:Utils class provides general utility methods for working with viewport settings, displaying confirmation messages in the banner, and working with toggle buttons. The methods of the PT_PAGE_UTILS:Utils class can be organized into four categories.

Use these methods to set and clear transient confirmation message beneath the fluid banner.

Use the toggle button methods to manipulate toggle buttons. A toggle button is a two-state button indicating whether the button is pressed or not pressed (for example., on or off). Pressed (or on) means that the functionality implemented by the button is enabled. Not pressed (or off) means that the functionality implemented by the button is not enabled (or the default functionality is applied). For example, a Filter toggle button on a grid would be unpressed (off) when no user filter has been applied to a grid. Conversely, the Filter toggle button would be pressed (or on) if one or more filters have been applied to the grid, which change the data that is displayed. The “pressed” indicator of the toggle button tells the user that a filter has been applied to the displayed grid data.

Setting the viewport for each fluid component ensures that your fluid applications operate properly across all device types, particularly on small form factor devices such as smart phones. SetDefaultViewport is the recommended approach for setting the viewport because it sets the recommended defaults.

The AnnounceText method is used to post a message to an ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) live region of the page