Array Class Properties

In this section, we discuss the array class properties.


The Dimension property is the number of "Array" type names from the declaration of the array, also called subarrays. This property returns a number.

This property is read-only.


The following example sets &DIM to 2.

Local Array of Array of Number &AAN;
&DIM = &AAN.Dimension;


The Len property is the current number of elements in the array. This property can be updated. Setting it to a negative value results in an error.

If this property is set to a smaller (nonnegative) number than its current value, the array is truncated to that length, discarding any elements whose indexes are larger than the given new length.

If this property is set to a number larger than its current value, the array is extended to the new length. Any new elements are set to a default value based on the element type of the array.

This property is read-write.


The following is a test of whether an array is empty:

If &ARR.Len = 0 then
/* &ARR is empty.  */