PanelController Class Properties

In this section, the PanelController class properties are presented in alphabetical order.


Use the AutoUpdate property to set or return a Boolean valuable indicating whether whether subsequent operations auto-update each panel. Typically, only set AutoUpdate to true when you intend to perform a single operation after invoking Initialize. When AutoUpdate is false, you must explicitly update the panels by invoking UpdatePanel.

This property is read-write.


import PT_PAGE_UTILS:*;
Component PT_PAGE_UTILS:PanelController &c_oPC;  /* Initialized in a dIfferent program */
/* perform one or more operations ... */
If &c_oPC.AutoUpdate = False Then


Use the InDefaultMode property to return a Boolean value indicating whether the panels are in their default state—that is, before the first page Activate event.

This property is effectively read-only.