ActionItem Class

This section provides an overview of the ActionItem class and discusses:

  • ActionItem class methods.

  • ActionItem class properties.

The ActionItem class is used to manage action items.

Action items are the tasks that are assigned for completion within an activity guide. These tasks can be linked to specific local or remote components, PeopleSoft queries, PeopleCode programs (an application class or an iScript), self-service process definitions, or external URLs. Within an activity guide, action items are organized into an ordered list; however, in many simple activity guides, action items can be completed in a non-sequential order. Action items can be organized hierarchically with a parent (summary) action item composed of child (detail) action items. Furthermore, an action item can be set to be dependent on the status of another action item.

Action items can be created and maintained within activity guide templates or within activity guide instances. However, typically you will define action items and their details at the template level only. Once an activity guide instance is created, updates to the action items themselves occur programmatically or through actions of the user.