AuthRequest Class

This section provides an overview of the AuthRequest class and discusses:

  • AuthRequest class methods.

  • AuthRequest class properties.

An AuthRequest object represents the instantiation of an authorization request. An array of AuthRequest objects is instantiated when an authorization request message is processed by the PeopleTools security authorization service.

In this section, one method and two properties of the AuthRequest class are documented:

  • GetParameterValue method

  • Access property

  • UserId property

In addition to these items, the AuthRequest class includes numerous read-only properties that are populated from the authorization request message if the corresponding parameter is specified in the message. You can also access the string value of these undocumented, read-only AuthRequest properties as needed:

  • CompItemName.

  • Component.

  • CrefId.

  • KeyVal (access the value of a KeyVal array element with the GetParameterValue method).

  • Market.

  • Menu.

  • Mode.

  • Node.

  • Portal.

  • ServiceId.

  • ServiceInstId.

  • ServiceType.

This topic includes an example of an authorization request message and how that message could be evaluated by a custom security authorization handler.

See Implementing a Security Authorization Handler.