Considerations When Using the PeopleCode Java Functions

Some PeopleCode built-in functions can't be called from a Java program. Many of these restrictions arise because you can't serialize Java objects. Inside Java, you can't serialize and save the state of the JVM.

This means that you cannot call the following built-in functions:

  • Think-time functions, such as DoCancel, Prompt, RevalidatePassword, and so on.

  • Math functions, such as Abs, Cos, and Sin. Use the Java math functions instead.

  • Java class functions, such as CreateJavaArray, CreateJavaObject, or GetJavaClass.

  • Deprecated functions, such as SetNextPanel, PanelGroupChanged, and so on. Use the new function instead, like SetNextPage, ComponentChanged, and so on.

  • PeopleCode language elements, such as Exit, Return, If, and so on.

  • Cursor position, such as SetCursorPos.

  • Functions that rely on specific character encoding, such as char, code, exact, codeb, and so on.

  • Menu appearance functions, such as CheckMenuItem, HideMenuItem, and so on.

  • Transfer functions such as Transfer or TransferPage.

  • DoSaveNow isn't allowed. However, DoSave is.

When you're creating your Java program, keep the following points in mind:

  • If you're starting from an online application, avoid calling anything that will wait a long time.

  • If you use third-party Java that require third-party platforms, you are limiting your program to just those platforms.

When setting a null date in Java, use the following: