Constant Class

A constant object represents a constant statement in an analytic calculation rule.

Note: This is not the same as the constants class.

A constant object exposes all the constants that are passed to the constructors of the various RuleExpression objects.

Use the following to create a constant class object:

&Constant = create Constant(&Constants.Constant_Type, [&Constants.]Constant_Value);

where Constant_Type is one of the following:




The Constant_Valueis an analytic calculation engine built-in function. In this instance, the constant value must be prefaced with an already instantiated constants object. For possible values, see below.


The Constant_Value is a number.


The Constant_Value is a string.

When the Constant_Type is Constant_Type_Builtin, the Constant_Value is one of the following:

  • Constant_Builtin_ALL

  • Constant_Builtin_BASE_E

  • Constant_Builtin_DEFAULT

  • Constant_Builtin_DETAILS

  • Constant_Builtin_DIRECT

  • Constant_Builtin_FALSE

  • Constant_Builtin_FORWARD

  • Constant_Builtin_PI

  • Constant_Builtin_REVERSE

  • Constant_Builtin_TRUE

The following code creates a PeopleSoft Analytic Calculation Engine built-in function to be used as a constant:

   &Constant = create Constant(&Constants.Constant_Type_Builtin, &Constants.Constant_Builtin_REVERSE);

The following code creates a literal (string) constant:

   &Constant = create Constant(&Constants.Constant_Type_Literal, "GENERAL");

The following code creates a number constant:

&Constant = create Constant(&Constants.Constant_Type_Number, "-1");