ContextData Class

This section provides an overview of the ContextData class and discusses:

  • ContextData class methods.

  • ContextData class properties.

The ContextData class is used to manage contextual data for activity guide templates and instances.

You can define contextual data that will be passed to the activity guide instance when it is created. Contextual data defined as key fields will be used to uniquely identify each activity guide instance. For example, if the employee ID were defined as a key contextual field, then each activity guide instance will be created for a specific employee ID. Contextual data defined as non-key fields is not used to differentiate an instance, but can be passed to the instance nevertheless. For example, non-key data can be displayed in the activity guide pagelet by specifying the Context Visible option for the field. In this way, instead of displaying the employee ID, you could display the employee name in the pagelet.