Deleting Content Considerations

Be extremely careful when you delete any content. There may be more than one object relying on the content you delete.

  • If you try to delete a template currently used by a content reference, the node template is set as the default template for the portal, you receive an error when you try to save the item.

  • If you delete a homepage template for a user, the system tries to use the default user's template first, before resorting to the portal default template.

  • If you try to delete a content provider that is currently used by a content reference, you receive an error and cannot save the PortalRegistry object.

Warning! If you delete a folder, you delete all content in the folder. If you delete a folder that contains other folders, that is, a parent folder, all the child folders, and all the content references are deleted.If you delete a PortalRegistry, you delete everything. Your entire PortalRegistry is gone, all the folders, content references, templates, and so on. Do not delete a PortalRegistry object unless you are absolutely certain you want to.