List Class

This section provides an overview of the List class and discusses:

  • List class methods.

  • List class properties.

The List class is used to manage an activity guide template or an activity guide instance.

Typically, activity guides are defined by the properties and characteristics of activity guide templates. An activity guide template provides a reusable definition of the important aspects of an activity guide: its properties, participants, contextual data, list of action items and to whom they are assigned, and so on. Then, at run time, an activity guide instance can be created from the definitions stored in the template. The instance will be generated with the contextual data that uniquely differentiates one instance from another. For example, for a benefits enrollment activity guide, the contextual data would likely include the employee ID, the country and locale (state, province, and so on) where the employee works, and any other key data required to initiate the benefits process.