Restrictions on Trees When Used as a SmartNavigation Data Source

Note: SmartNavigation has been deprecated. This information has been retained for backward compatibility only.

When a tree is used as a SmartNavigation data source, the values of several tree-specific properties are passed to the SmartNavigation application via URL. Certain characters are inappropriate for use in a URL and must be avoided. When using a tree as a SmartNavigation data source, do not use any of the following characters in the tree name, setID, user key value, and tree branch values:

pound (#)

percent (%)

dollar ($)

ampersand (&)

plus (+)

comma (,)

forward slash/virgule (/)

colon (:)

semi-colon (;)

equals (=)

question mark (?)

at symbol (@)

space ( )

quotation marks(")

less than symbol (<)

greater than symbol (>)

left curly brace ({)

right curly brace (})

vertical bar/pipe (|)

backslash (\)

caret (^)

tilde (~)

left square bracket ([)

right square bracket (])

grave accent (`)

When using Tree class methods such as Copy, Create, Rename, SaveAs, SaveAsDraft, and others, take care to avoid using these invalid characters in the values for the tree name, setID, user key value, and tree branch.