RuleExpressions Classes

The RuleExpressions classes represents the different parts of the analytic calculation engine rule grammar. These objects are created using the Create built-in function and the constructor for that class, then added to the RuleDefn object with the AddRuleExpression method.

The following are the RuleExpressions classes:

  • Assignment

  • Comparison

  • Constant

  • Constants

  • Cube

  • ExpressionBlock

  • FunctionCall

  • MemberReference

  • Operation

  • RuleExpression

  • Variable

Note: The RuleExpression object is the object that the other objects are derived from. You should not create or use this object directly.

All of the constants used with the RuleExpression classes, such as FunctionCall, comparison, operation, and so on, are actually properties of the constants class. You must always instantiate an object of the constants class to use any constants in your program.

For example, the comparison class uses a constant to test whether two operands are equal. Use the following code to create a comparison testing this:

&Comparison = create Comparison(&Constants.Comparison_Type_Equal);

All of the properties for the constants class are listed with the classes that use them.