Scope of a File Object

A file object can only be instantiated from PeopleCode. This object can be used anywhere you have PeopleCode, that is, in an application class, Component Interface PeopleCode, record field PeopleCode, and so on.

A file object is passed to and returned from PeopleCode functions and methods as a reference, so the file object is never copied; rather, alternate identifiers are used to refer to the same object. Any change made to a file using one identifier has the same effect as it would with any other identifier for that file.

In the following code example, two variables, &F1 and F2, are declared by using the data type File. The file is opened using the GetFile built-in function. Next, &F1 is assigned to &F2. This does not copy &F1 to &F2. Instead, &F1 and &F2 both refer to the same object. Therefore, in the last step when &F2 is closed, &F1 is closed too.

Local File &F1, &F2;

&F1 = GetFile("somefile.txt", "R");
If &F1.IsOpen Then
   &F2 = &F1;
   &F2.Close();  /* Now &F1 is also closed. */