The SOAPDoc Class

The SOAPDoc class is a separate class in PeopleCode that works similarly to the XmlDoc and XmlNode classes. Many of the same methods and properties that work with an XmlDoc or XmlNode object also work with a SOAPDoc object. However, there are also methods and properties that don't apply to a SOAPDoc object.

The following XmlDoc and XmlNode methods do not apply to a SOAPDoc object:

  • AddCDataSection

  • AddProcessInstruction

  • CopyToPSFTMessage

  • CreateDocumentType

  • InsertCDataSection

  • InsertProcessInstruction

  • LoadIBContent

If a Merchant Profile has been created it can be used with the SOAPDoc class and the Message class. You can use the XmlDoc property to convert the message object to an SOAPDoc object, then use the SOAPDoc methods and properties, as well as the XmlDoc methods and properties that are applicable.

You can only use the message object when the XmlDoc object is structured.

It should be noted that a SOAPDoc object is really an extension of the XmlDoc class. You have the option of getting portions of the SOAPDoc–like the body node–and accessing it or manipulating it as if it were a standard element in an XML document, because in actuality it is.