Using Freeze Column Mode

If you specify Freeze Column Mode for an analytic grid in Application Designer, the analytic grid isn't populated from the component buffer by default. It is your responsibility to write your application code so that it populates the rowset bound to the analytic grid.

Note: You should not be adding and deleting data from the analytic grid when you are not in Freeze Column Mode; this is an unsupported feature and might cause unexpected behavior.

In addition, no layout information is available, and there is no slicer, row, or column axis.

The following is an example of populating the analytic grid with data from a normal grid in Freeze Column Mode.

Local Rowset &RSAGRID;
Local Rowset &RSGrid;

/* Get the rowset associated with normal grid whose primary record is */
&RSGRID = GetLevel0()(1).GetRowset(Scroll.QE_BAM_FACTTBL);

/* Get the rowset associated with Analytic grid whose primary record is */
&RSAGRID = GetLevel0()(1).GetRowset(Scroll.QE_BAM_CCSMOKE);

/* Flush out existing Data from the Analytic Grid */

/* Copy data from Normal Grid to Analytic Grid in Freeze Column Mode*/

Do not use the following methods with an analytic grid that is in Freeze Column Mode:

  • Analytic grid GetCubeCollection method

  • Analytic grid LoadData method

  • Analytic grid SetAnalyticInstance method

  • Analytic grid SetLayout method

  • Analytic grid SlicerVisible property