Using the Incoming Business Interlink Methods and Properties

The incoming Business Interlink methods enable you to parse an XML request and build an XML response.

The incoming Business Interlink uses a set of methods and functions.

The GetContentBody Request object method converts the request content into an XML string. You can then use this string with the GetBiDoc function to create a BiDocs structure from it that is the same shape and contains the same data as the XML document contained in the XML string.

After you have the BiDocs structure containing the XML request, you can:

  • Use the GetNode method to get one of the XML elements.

  • Use the NodeType method to get the type of the node (element, processing instruction, comment).

  • Use the NodeName property to get the name of the element.

  • Use the NodeValue property to get the value of the element.

You can also use the standard BiDocs methods (such as GetDoc, GetValue) to retrieve information from this BiDocs object.

When an XML element contains attributes, the AttributeCount property gets the number of attributes, the GetAttributeName method gets the name of an attribute, and the GetAttributeValue method gets the value of an attribute.

To build an XML response, you can use the GetBiDocs function to create a blank BiDocs structure. To create the XML structure within that BiDocs, use CreateElement to create an XML tag, AddComment to add an XML comment, AddAttribute to add an attribute to an XML tag, and AddProcessInstruction to add a processing instruction (the first tag of the XML response).

Use the GenXMLString method to create an XML string from the BiDocs structure. Then you can use the Write Response method to write the response to the HTTP response string.