Watermark Class

This section provides an overview of the Watermark class and discusses:

  • Watermark class constructor

  • Watermark class properties

Use the Watermark class to specify a watermark for a merged PDF file. Objects in this class are used with the Watermark property of the PDFMerger class. You can generate a watermark either using text or an image. You can either use the text properties or the image properties. You cannot use both.

The following are the image properties of the Watermark class:

  • ImageFile

  • ImageLowerLeftX

  • ImageLowerLeftY

  • ImageUpperRightX

  • ImageUpperRightY

The following are the text properties of the Watermark class:

  • Text

  • TextAngle

  • TextFontName

  • TextFontSize

  • TextStartPosX

  • TextStartPosY