Understanding PeopleSoft Health Center

The PeopleSoft Health Center enables you to monitor the health of your PeopleSoft application by providing real-time analysis of performance and load. The PeopleSoft Health Center can be used for self-monitoring of an application or for multiple systems in a single monitoring system. Additionally, PeopleSoft Health Center provides alerts that enable you to attend to immediate performance issues.

PeopleSoft Health Center presents monitoring data in the form of a dashboard (Application dashboard), which includes the following information:

  • General self-monitoring health information.

  • Alerts of potential performance issues.

  • Health status of participating components or domains.

  • Log files.

The health status, performance and load details of each component or domain are presented in separate dashboards that can be accessed from the Application dashboard.

Note: You cannot configure the content and layout of dashboards.

See Enabling Monitoring of a Component or Domain.