Understanding Performance Monitor Diagnostic Plug-in

When configuring the Performance Monitor, you are required to specify or verify a variety of field values, on multiple PeopleTools pages, within several PeopleTools administrative interfaces, including:

  • Performance Monitor pages.

  • Integration Broker pages.

  • Web Profile pages.

  • Security pages.

If troubleshooting is ever required, or you need to review your system settings, the system administrator needs to access all of these settings in various locations. To view Performance Monitor settings in a single report, PeopleTools provides the Performance Monitor Diagnostic Plug-in. This enables you to view all the key settings in a central location to determine any necessary modifications or corrections.

Note: The Performance Monitor Diagnostic Plug-in generates a read-only report. It does not physically aggregate the settings in a central location for modification. If settings need to be modified, you need to navigate to the appropriate administrative interface to make changes.