Disabling Performance Monitor Agents

In some cases, you may not want the Performance Monitor agents to run or to be a possible factor in your online system. For example, if you have ten application server domains running against the same database, you may want only one application server domain reporting information to the monitoring system.

Agents in a domain whose monitor URL is "NONE" do not collect or transmit performance data. However, they periodically check the URL for changes. Disabling a domain prevents this small portion of Performance Monitor related processing from occurring. To prevent any information from being sent over the network, set the monitor URL to NONE and rebootall monitored domains. To completely disable monitor agents on your domains, deselect the Enable PPM Agents parameter and rebootall monitored domains.

Field or Control


Application Server and Process Scheduler Domains

For application server and Process Scheduler domains, you disable the monitor agents using the EnablePPM Agents parameter. This parameter is in the PSTOOLS section of PSADMIN. To disable the monitor agents, set the value to0. To enable the monitor agents, set the value to1.

Reboot the application server domain for the change to take effect.

When disabled, the Monitor URL is ignored by that domain.

Web Server

For the web server, you disable agents by deselecting the Enable PPM Agents option in the Web Profile interface.

Reboot the web server for the change to take effect.