Enabling a Performance Trace

Systems that are configured to allow performance traces have a Performance Trace link appearing in the Universal Navigation Header on each PeopleSoft page.

Note: In the following procedure, be sure to notice where each step needs to be completed: on the monitoring system or themonitored system.

To enable a performance trace:

  1. On the monitoring system, select PeopleTools > Performance Monitor > Administration > System Definitions and then select the appropriate system definition.

  2. On the monitoring system, make sure Allow Performance Trace is selected on the System Definitions page.

    Note: If a business process includes multiple systems, each system in the business process needs to have the system configured to allow performance traces.

  3. On the monitoring system, click Save and Notify Agents.

  4. On the monitored system, make sure the users who will run the performance trace have the WEBLIB_PPM web library specified in at least one of their permission lists.

    Note: If you don't want a user to see the Performance Trace link, you need to remove the web library WEBLIB_PPM from that user's permission lists. Without access to WEBLIB_PPM, the Performance Console link does not appear in the Universal Navigation Header.