Event Definitions

This section describes the attributes of an event definition.

Field or Control


Event Definition Set

Event definitions belong to a particular set. This is similar to message definitions in the message catalog belonging to a message set.

Note: Currently, only one set exists, set 1, which is reserved for internal PeopleSoft development.


Explains the purpose of a particular event definition set.


Field or Control


Event ID

Identifies an event definition within an event set.

Event Label

The name of the event definition. This value appears with any event metric values on the pages displaying the event information.


Provides additional identification, if needed.

Additional Data Label

If the optional long character field is populated for this event type, it requires a display label.

Filter Level

Sets the level at which the system begins recording data about a particular event definition. The level of the overall monitoring system must equal or exceed the level of the event filter level before the system records the event data. For example, if the overall system filter level is set to Standard, the system records information from event definitions with a filter level set to Standard,Warning, andError.


An event comprisesup to six, predefined numeric metrics and one string metric.

Select the metric to include using the lookup button.

See Metric Definitions.