Implementation Options

This section provides an overview of the options available for implementing the Performance Monitor.

In a self-monitoring system, the same database that serves the PeopleSoft application is also being used to store the performance data. By default, all the elements that are required for the Performance Monitor are installed during the PeopleSoft server installations. So implementing the self-monitoring system requires no additional installation steps.

While this system may require less hardware, the potential impact to your online applications must be considered. Keep in mind that the same database engine is being used to store and retrieve performance data, and the same web server and application server may be used to monitor and collate performance data.

Note: The self-monitoring configuration is not supported for a production environment. The self-monitoring configuration is not designed for a production environment as it affects online transaction processing and overall system performance.

Typically, the self-monitoring system is used in development, testing, or training.

Note: The Performance Monitor has been designed so that a monitoring system does not encounter an infinite loop in a self-monitoring configuration.

With a production monitoring system, you configure a separate PeopleSoft system complete with web server, application server, and database server to act solely as a performance monitoring system. This is the recommended configuration for monitoring your production systems. Any PeopleSoft database that is delivered with PeopleSoft contains the appropriate database definitions to store and retrieve all Performance Monitor data.

With the separate monitoring system, you can monitor a single PeopleSoft system, such as your PeopleSoft Human Capital Management system, or you can configure it to monitor multiple PeopleSoft systems.

Note: Performance Monitor can monitor any PeopleSoft system running on PeopleTools 8.44 or above. Always consult PeopleTools Release Notes and PeopleBooks to become aware of any exceptions or unsupported features between release levels.