Performance Monitor Charts and Analytics

This section contains an overview of Performance Monitor charts and analytics, list common elements, and lists the pages used to view user request analytics.

Performance Monitor charts enable you to view charts and graphs that help you analyze and communicate performance information.

This information is derived from completed PMU data that is stored in the historic performance data tables.

Note: This interface is not designed to assist you in diagnosing real-time, current user issues, such as a stalled user request.

Note: The Standard Deviation (Std. Dev.) is provided on many pages. The standard deviation is a statistic that tells you how tightly all the values that are used to compute the average are clustered around the average. Large standard deviations warn that the averages appearing in the chart are not a reliable indicator of response times experienced by individual users.

Field or Control


Chart Legends

Many of the charts use color to differentiate performance data. Always use the labels and the legend to make sure that you interpret the charts correctly.

View in Grid

Enables you to view chart information in a grid format for sorting and downloading to Microsoft Excel.