Scheduling Performance Data Archiving

Performance data archiving options are set per system definition. So your HCM system and your CRM system may have different archiving modes. You define your archive settings in the Archive Mode group box on the System Definition page. The performance data archiving program is a PeopleSoft Application Engine program named PSPM_ARCHIVE.

Note: The system overrides the archive options that are set in the System Definition page if you have selected the Clear PMUs & Events option on the Global Administration page.

See Setting Global System Options.

Note: PeopleSoft provides sample queries that demonstrate how to access data in the archive tables. Currently, no other delivered method of accessing the data is available in archive tables.

See Working with Performance Monitor Tables.

To run the archiving program:

  1. Select PeopleTools > Performance Monitor > Administration > Schedule Archive.

  2. Select or add a run control ID.

  3. On the Schedule Archive page:

    • Determine whether you want to enable Run %UpdateStats at the end.

      If you enable this option, the system runs %UpdateStats meta-SQL on both the history and archive tables after the archive program finishes successfully.

    • Click Run to launch the archive program.

Note: You should set up a recurrence definition in Process Scheduler so that the archiving program runs at regular intervals. This can help keep the performance history tables at more manageable sizes while containing the most relevant data.

If the performance data archiving program does not finish successfully, the system automatically invokes the PeopleSoft Application Engine program named PSPM_ARCHREC. This program is designed to return the system to the state it was in before the archive program started.

During an archive program run, the PSPPMSRVs redirect incoming PMU and event data to cloned history tables. When the archive program finishes, the system moves the data in the cloned tables to the history tables and the PSPPMSRVs resume inserting data directly into the history tables. If the archive program does not finish successfully, the PSPPMSRVs continue to insert data into the cloned tables.