System Performance Monitoring

This section contains an overview of monitoring system performance and lists the pages that are used to monitor system performance.

The activities that are related to monitoring system performance are primarily for viewing and analyzing the most recent performance data that is received from agents in a monitored system.

PeopleSoft provides a collection of use cases in the form of flow charts for you to use as a framework for learning how to use Performance Monitor to detect performance issues. These flow charts do not appear in this PeopleBook; they are posted on My Oracle Support. Refer to the PeopleTools Release Notes for the current location of these flow charts.

See Performance Monitor Database Schema and Use Cases on My Oracle Support

Note: The information that is presented in the System Performance pages is as current as the last page refresh.

Note: The Standard Deviation (Std. Dev.) is provided on many pages. The standard deviation is a statistic that tells you how tightly all the values that are used to compute the average are clustered around the average. Large standard deviations warn that the averages appearing in the chart are not a reliable indicator of response times that are experienced by individual users.