Tracing Performance Monitor Agents

You can set up tracing on the:

  • Application server and Process Scheduler servers.

  • Web server.

To enable tracing of the monitor agents on application server and Process Scheduler domains, use the TracePPM parameter in PSADMIN on the application server running on the monitored system. SetTracePPM to1. To disable, set to0.

When enabled, the agents write debug information on monitored systems to a log file in the application server LOGS directory. To view the information, open TRACEPPM_mmdd.LOG. The LogFence setting for application server logs has no effect on this file. Error messages (such as those that are created when the monitor URL can't be reached) go directly to the APPSRV_mmdd.LOG.

To enable tracing of the monitor agents on the web server, select Trace PPM Agent on the Debugging tab in the appropriate web profile on the monitored system.

The agents write tracing information to the web server log file.