Understanding the Performance Trace

The Performance Monitor enables you to monitor and record performance information for all activity on PeopleSoft systems. However, times occur when you need to monitor the performance of a specific business process or the performance issues that are reported by a specific user. In these cases, you can use a performance trace.

The Performance Trace enables you to:

  • Group PMUs across server requests.

  • Display PMUs from multiple systems.

  • Override default agent filter levels.

A user starts and stops a performance trace from the Performance Trace console. While a performance trace is in effect, the system associates the trace name with each PMU that is created during that user's session. The trace name may then be used in the Performance Monitor pages to search for performance data that is created during the performance trace.

The trace can override the current agent filter level for PMUs that are created during the trace. The override applies to that user session only.

Performance traces are effective across multiple systems that report to the same monitor. For example, if a portal displays content from another monitored system, traces that are started from the portal also apply to the displayed content.

Note: The Performance Trace Console needs to be launched from an end user's browser.

Note: A performance trace is not affected by the PMU sample rate.