Using Performance Monitor Data Mover Scripts

PeopleSoft delivers a set of PeopleSoft Data Mover scripts for use in the administration of the Performance Monitor. The scripts are located in the following directory:


The delivered scripts are described below.

Field or Control



Enables you to export data from your monitoring database.

The data can be exported based on a specific system ID, between specific dates and times, or based on a specific performance trace. The default export is based on a specific system ID. The dat file that is created is named perfdata.dat.

If you need to export performance data from a specific date and time, a performance trace, or information on all monitored systems, then open the script and edit the script as described in the comments within the script.


Enables you to import data from perfdata.dat, which is created by the perfmondataexport.dms script, into your monitoring database.

Warning! Do not run this file on a live monitoring system because current data may be lost. The script contains the REPLACE_DATA * command.


Enables you to purge all Performance Monitor tables in the monitoring database.

Note: This script deletes both system definitions and all performance data that are associated with any monitored system.

Warning! Shut down the monitoring system before running this script.