Viewing Current User Sessions

Access the Current User Sessions page (PeopleTools, Performance Monitor, System Monitor, Current User Sessions).

A row appears for every PMU 109 (user session began) that was received in the last 12 hours for which a matching PMU 108 (user session ended) has not been received.

Note: If you recycle the web server during this time, the user session is considered closed.

The Session tab contains the following information.

Field or Control


User ID

Identifies the user.

Session ID

Indicates the open session on the web server that is associated with the user.

Monitor Received Date/Time

The date and time that the monitoring system inserted the row of performance data into the monitoring database.

User History

Accesses the User History page.

See Viewing User Session History.

The Details tab contains the following additional information.

The latency and user agent data is derived from PMU 116 (redirect after login) with the same session ID (context 1) as the associated PMU 109 (user session began).

Field or Control


IP Address

Indicates the IP address of the machine that the user is using to connect to the PeopleSoft system.

User Agent

The Mozilla user-agent string specification for the user's browser.


The duration of PMU 116 (redirect after login). The latency value enables you to infer the network latency for a user connection.