Viewing User Session History

Access the User Session History page (PeopleTools > Performance Monitor > History > User History).

The User Session History page enables you to monitor the signon and signout activity of a particular user within the time range specified.

A row appears for every PMU 109 (User Session Began) and every PMU 108 (User Session Ended) for that user.

Note: If you recycle the web server during this time, the user session is considered closed.

Note: Some signouts may actually be expired sessions on the web server if a user elected to close the browser rather than officially signing out of the PeopleSoft system (using the Sign out link).

Before you can view historical performance data that is related to users, you need to specify search criteria. This section covers the search criteria for user history.

Field or Control


User ID

Specify the user ID of a particular user.

This field prompts against the PSPMOPRDEFN table.

From/To Date/Time

Specify a range of time. The system searches on the monitor date and time, not the agent date and time.


The Search button performs a search based on the search criteria that is defined on the page. If you want to view the most current information, use theRefresh button after running the initial search. If you clickSearch repeatedly, the system returns the same results from the same time range for each search.


Updates the value in the To Time field to equal the current time and performs a search. Enables you to view the most current results of a search.

The following information appears at the bottom of the User History page after you have completed a search.


The activity tab presents the following information.

Field or Control


User ID

Identifies a particular user.

User Activity

Shows the signon and signoff activity of the user within the range of time that is specified in the search criteria.


The session ID on the web server.

This value is derived from context 1 from PMU 108 (User Session Ended) and PMU 109 (User Session Began).

Monitor Received Date/Time

Indicates when the monitor system received notification that a PMU had been started or updated


The Details tab presents the following additional information.

Field or Control


IP Address

The IP address of the computer from which the user accessed the PeopleSoft system.

User Agent

The Mozilla user-agent string specification for the user's browser.

This value is derived from metric 7 of PMU 116 (Redirect after Login).


The duration of PMU 116 (Redirect After Login). The latency value enables you to infer the network latency for a user connection.

Note: The values in both the User Agent andLatency fields appear only in the rows reflecting logged on user activity.