Working with Performance Monitor Web Profile Properties

This section alerts you to important web profile properties that are related to the Performance Monitor.

Field or Control


Enable PPM Agent

Enables a web server agent to be started on a monitored web server.

PPM Monitor Buffer Size

Sets the maximum buffer size for the buffer that is used by the monitor servlet for incoming performance data. The default size is 51200 KB (50 MB). If you notice in servlet trace files or other warnings that you regularly see buffer overflows, you may consider increasing this value.

Trace Monitoring Server

Located on the Debugging tab. Enables you to trace the ppmi servlet and the monitor servlet. The system writes the trace information to the web server log file.

Trace PPM Agent

Located on the Debugging tab. Enables you to trace web server agents on a monitored system. You enable this option on the web server of the monitored system.